• Augmented Reality for any piece of furniture

      Instantly see how any furniture you like will look, feel and fit in your home using just your smartphone and the magic of Augmented Reality.

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    • Bring your imagination into reality


      Use your smartphone to bring products into your home before you buy them. Place, arrange, compare and rearrange furniture to see how it looks and feels in your home and bring your imagination to life.


      Augmented Reality gets so real you can share it with others. Use the Share feature to show your friends the exact arrangement you're imagining and enable them to share in your vision.

      Buy with Confidence

      Whenever you're ready, buy with the confidence that it will fit and look great in your home.

    • How It Works

      Advanced technology made simple and easy


      Download the Miru app

      Download the Miru app on your iPhone or iPad from the App Store



      Use the Discover tab within the app to explore the website from any of your favorite brands



      Tap the "View in Room" button to see chairs, ottomans, sofas and more instantly appear in your home